Spinal Stenosis Surgery Prices

Below you will find REAL cash prices you can expect to pay for spinal surgery and pain management for spinal stenosis.

Bundled cash pricing is free market, transparent, and consumer driven health approach to paying for medical expenses. It is ideal for patients with:

  • Cash to decide for themselves, not an insurance company making the decisions
  • High insurance deductibles
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • ERISA, partially self-funded health plans for small businesses
Endoscopic Spinal Surgery
Procedure CPT Code Bundled Price
Lumbar microdiscectomy 62380, 63030 $11,880
Lumbar laminotomy for spinal stenosis 62380, 63047 $13,230
Cervical microdiscectomy 63020 $14,580
Cervical foraminotomy 63020 $14,580
Percutaneous discectomy 62287 $6,000
Spinal Pain Management
Procedure CPT Code Bundled Price
Lumbar facet block (3 level) 64493 $1,000
Lumbar facet rhizotomy (3 level) 64635 $1,200
Cervical facet block (3 level) 64490 $1,200
Cervical facet rhizotomy (3 level) 64633 $1,400
Spinal cord stimulator trial, (incl.hardware) 63650 $4,500
Diagnostic lumbar discogram (3-level) 62290 $2,000

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