Support Devices for Spinal Stenosis

Sometimes a lumbar support or corset is used in order to provide the patient with some support and help regain mobility. A corset is prescribed especially when the patient has weak abdominal muscles or degeneration in several areas of the spine. A brace is thought to reinforce the abdominal muscles, and “…many patients unquestionably obtain immediate comfort with a support brace…” 9

Also, for patients with spinal stenosis who are not able to tolerate exercise well, a brace or corset can be a compromise between bed rest and function and is well accepted in orthopedic practice 49.

Many patients make use of support devices to manage spinal stenosis symptoms at work. Younger patients with scoliosis may be fitted with a specially-tailored back brace to try to control the growth of the spine and avoid the necessity for back surgery.

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