This website was first produced by St. Francis Medical Technologies Inc., the inventor of the x-stop spine implant, with the intention to inform doctors, researchers and consumers about the epidemic of spinal stenosis.
After the x-stop was purchased by Kyphon Inc. and then (Kyphon) later by Medtronic, lay dormant online for many years. In 2010 it underwent a redesign and rejuvenation and became the leading website when people searched online for spinal stenosis information.

Spinalstenosis.Org is now owned and maintained by Healthy Body Network, a Southeast U.S. based health information and news publisher. The intention of the site is to ensure the most accurate and recent information is provided to online researchers across the globe.

Healthy Body Network offers a free 2nd opinion assistance program for spinal stenosis visitors. Although we are not doctors we have been working in spine clinics for over 15 years and have a vast network of physicians available to assist your spinal stenosis condition.


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