Contraindications for LLLT

There are no documented adverse effects of from the use of LLLT, and the lasers used cannot cause tissue damage or heat-trauma. Those who have cancer, are pregnant, or have specific immunological issues, particularly if they are on immuno-suppressant drugs such as corticosteroids, are advised against undergoing LLLT without consulting their physician first. The FDA has approved the therapy but stresses caution due to the lack of large clinical research trial evidence favoring the treatment. This may mean that it is difficult for a patient to access LLLT on Medicare or other basic health-care plans such as the Provincial Care Plan (PCP).

Treatment should, of course, be carried out by a licenced and qualified practitioner and patients need to check the clinician’s credentials prior to booking treatment. LLLT is increasingly available from chiropractors, physical therapists and specific low-level laser clinics in North America. Patients should discuss the treatment with their physician first as there may be other factors to consider when deciding if LLLT is appropriate for them. Their condition may warrant more immediate surgical treatment if certain symptoms develop, and LLLT could delay necessary intervention.

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