Back Pain – Is it a Tumor?

spinal cancer back pain symptomsSpinal cancer is not the typical diagnosis when back pain strikes, but there are some symptoms that are red flags for a tumor or tumors in the spine. Spotting cancer early gives you the best chance of success, but due to the varying symptoms of cancer in the spine, and the relatively frequent occurrence of uncomplicated back pain, many people are not diagnosed until a tumor has already become quite large or metastasised.

If back pain persists, worsens, and is unresponsive to rest and conservative treatment, and is accompanied by the following symptoms, it is definitely time to talk to your physician about tests for cancer. Continue reading “Back Pain – Is it a Tumor?” »


Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk More than Doubled in Smokers with High Sodium Intake

sodium smoking rheumatoid arthritis riskMany people develop spinal stenosis as a result of osteoarthritis but rheumatoid arthritis can also cause spinal narrowing, trapped nerves and spinal cord compression. Avoiding autoimmune disease is far from easy but new research from Sweden suggests that smokers would do well to avoid eating a diet high in salt if they wish to reduce their risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Continue reading “Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk More than Doubled in Smokers with High Sodium Intake” »

Spinal Stenosis in Dogs – Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

dog wheelchairHumans are not the only animals to suffer from spinal stenosis, dogs and other vertebrates can also develop this condition. Admittedly, the horizontal spine structure in dogs, and their lower life expectancy, does tend to protect them somewhat from spinal disc degeneration but certain breeds are more susceptible than others. Just as in humans, spinal stenosis in dogs can cause back pain, nerve damage, and even paralysis but there are ways to reduce your dog’s risk and to help relieve symptoms in those who already have the condition. Continue reading “Spinal Stenosis in Dogs – Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment” »

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Could Probiotics Help Relieve Arthritis Symptoms Like Back Pain?

gut health back pain probiotics for ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritisThe health of the gut has a profound effect on overall health and well being but you might not have previously connected gut health and arthritis symptoms like back pain. In a new review researchers have looked at how gut microflora’s influence on our immune system may point to a novel way of preventing and treating arthritis. Could popping a probiotic help reduce back pain, with the only side effects being better all-round health? Continue reading “Could Probiotics Help Relieve Arthritis Symptoms Like Back Pain?” »


Chronic Kidney Disease and Bone Loss in the Spine

kidney disease and spinal stenosis bone lossPatients who have chronic kidney disease face increased risk of bone loss, including a loss of bone density in the spine that may contribute to spinal stenosis. Unfortunately, normal tests for bone mineral density (BMD) using dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) appears to be unhelpful in determining the risk of osteoporosis and bone loss in the spine, so what’s the alternative and what can patients with CKD do to boost bone health? Continue reading “Chronic Kidney Disease and Bone Loss in the Spine” »


Tests Confirm Richard III had Scoliosis

scoliosis richard iiiFor hundreds of years there have been references to the hunch-backed appearance of King Richard III of England but up until now it wasn’t known if this was imaginative licence or based on facts. Following the unearthing in 2012 of the king’s skeleton, scientists have now confirmed that Richard III had scoliosis, or spinal curvature, and a significant case at that, but would it actually have caused the degree of deformity some claim? Continue reading “Tests Confirm Richard III had Scoliosis” »


Antacids, Osteoporosis and Spinal Stenosis

Antacids osteoporosis and spinal stenosisAt first glance you might not think that there’s a connection between antacid medications and spinal stenosis but when you consider how protein pump inhibitors and other antacids can affect nutrient absorption the link becomes clearer.

Osteoporosis can be a cause of spinal narrowing and resultant back pain, neck pain, leg pain, sciatica, and paraesthesia, weakness and other symptoms of spinal stenosis and ensuring proper calcium absorption is key to staving off this bone-thinning disease so are your antacids and back pain connected and what can you do about it? Continue reading “Antacids, Osteoporosis and Spinal Stenosis” »


Staphylococcus Aureus and Spondylodiscitis

spondylodiscitis spinal stenosis low back pain causesThe diagnosis of spondylodiscitis as a cause of low back pain is increasingly frequent but this condition, which can prove fatal, is still commonly overlooked due to the simple fact that low back pain affects so many people. Spondylodiscitis is a spinal infection causing inflammation of the vertebrae and the disc space.

Typically it is caused by infection with Staphylococcus aureus and is more common in older adults, but what’s the prognosis if you have spondylodiscitis and low back pain? Continue reading “Staphylococcus Aureus and Spondylodiscitis” »

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What Are Modic Changes in the Spine and Why Might Zoledronic Acid Help?

modic changes low back pain zoledronic acid pain releifA new clinical trial has found that zoledronic acid is effective at relieving low back pain associated with modic changes in the spine. What are modic changes, and are these the source of your back pain? Read on to find out if zoledronic acid treatment could help you too. Continue reading “What Are Modic Changes in the Spine and Why Might Zoledronic Acid Help?” »

Spinal Stenosis and Dizziness

vertigo dizziness spinal stenosisThere are many possible causes of dizziness, including spinal stenosis, so what else should you be looking for if you suspect a spine problem is at the root of your symptoms? Continue reading “Spinal Stenosis and Dizziness” »