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The Best Back Braces for Lumbar Support for Adults, Kids, Athletes and More!

choosing a back braceCoping with the daily agony of back pain can be exhausting and while most physicians don’t recommend continual use of a back brace (because it can cause your spinal muscles to weaken), sometimes a little support is just what you need. So, once you’ve got your doc’s approval for using a back brace, what do you need to think about when choosing a product for spinal stenosis relief?

The key thing is getting a good fit. Some back braces are not intended for use by children or people with a smaller body size and these products may end up chafing, being highly visible under clothing, and simply not providing the right support. Conversely, someone with a much larger build may find that many back braces simply don’t fasten or are too flimsy to offer any back pain support and relief. Check the fit, read reviews, and ask the manufacturer if things are unclear.

Secondly, not all back braces are made of breathable material, so if you’re intending on using your chosen product while working out, gardening, or doing some other physically demanding activity, or even if you live in a warm climate, you’ll want to look for something breathable to minimise moisture accumulating and causing skin irritation.

Thirdly, some back braces have more easily adjustable compression settings than others, which can be a huge bonus for anyone with restricted mobility.

And, finally, a number of back braces are now available that offer either heat therapy or in-built ice packs, which make them ideal for a range of different ailments including period cramps, sporting injuries, and knotted and tired muscles.

Let’s take a look at the top picks for a few different situations:

1. For those with a larger body size: Mueller Adjustable Lumbar Back Brace, Black, Plus Size.

This heavy duty back brace goes up to an XXXL size so is ideal for those who weigh over 300lbs and need some back support. There is even an extra set of belt straps which can be used to tighten the brace and make it fit nice and snug to the body. Perfect for those who are looking to get fit and active starting with regular walking and simple exercise. Also great for anyone recovering from spine surgery or who has a sedentary lifestyle that causes postural back pain.

This 50″ extended back brace is easy to put on and adjust, can be worn over clothing, and can help decrease debilitating back pain from daily chores like yardwork or loading laundry.

2. Perfect for general spinal support: Discover NMT Lumbar Support Brace ~ Posture Corrector

Sometimes lower back pain isn’t due to spine degeneration but is caused instead by muscle strain from an awkward commute, sitting at a desk, and slouching on the couch day after day, or from having a physically demanding job, such as on a construction site. A little back support can help keep posture in line and stop pain from arising, reducing the need for NSAIDs and other pain medications.

This product offers great torso support, is comfortable to use, can be worn under clothing, and doesn’t break the bank! It has adjustable velcro straps to ensure a good fit and offers excellent back support during daily activities.

3. For Quick Support After Injury: O2 Cold and Compression Back Wrap

If you’ve overdone things at the gym and strained a muscle in the back, or if you’ve suffered some kind of blunt trauma to the back then this cooling compression wrap can help keep troublesome inflammation and pain at bay. It’s easily worn over clothing so is handy in an emergency, and is excellent for use in sprains, sporting injuries, rehabilitation, arthritis, and for muscle tension or fatigue.

Simple to put on and with a pump-action inflation system, the cooling gel pack fits the contours of the body to provide widespread relief. Made with breathable fabric and removable gel packs that can be stored in the refrigerator ro freezer, this back brace is a convenient and portable way to ice the back after injury or a tough day at work. It is drip-free and uses a dry-cold, avoiding the risk of frostbite.

4. For Car Journeys and Flights: Cybertech SPINE Sport Back Brace

After spine surgery or when making a long journey, the back can need a little extra support and this back brace offers just that. It is lightweight and breathable, making it excellent for daily use during sporting activities and while sitting on a plane or in a car for hours. Due to the mechanical pulley system, the brace has a dynamic compression capacity and is easy to adjust using just one hand. This also makes it highly suitable for use when getting in and out of a car or at the office.

The single front fastener makes the Cybertech Spine brace easy to remove, and the product even comes with a training video to help people prevent and manage back pain more effectively! Perfect for lower back support, with easy adjustability and lightweight enough to carry when traveling.

5. For the office: Dr. Toso’s Back Rx

Sitting in an office chair all day and peering into your computer screen can really make for bad posture and back pain. Get a prescription for back pain relief by using Dr. Toso’s Back Rx! This ingenious back brace has straps that loop around the knees to offer postural reminders to keep the spine in line. Recommended by many chiropractors for use in the office and even when traveling, the only downside is that the straps can be a bit uncomfortable for people with particularly long thighs!

It looks a little odd too, but when you’re free of back pain at work your colleagues may be more curious than suspicious of this interesting back brace.

6. Perfect for PMS-Related Back Pain: Dr.Soooothe Back Support Belt and Customized Heating Pad.

Anyone called Dr. Soooothe is clearly to be trusted so if you’re sick of trying to hold hot water bottles to your abdomen and back to get some relief from period cramps, try this back support belt with in-built heating pad! The gel heating pad is reusable and works simply by flexing the metal disc inside the gel pack to create an instant reaction producing heat. The pack heats up to 130F or 54C in seconds and lasts for at least half an hour to two hours before the pack becomes solid and cool. To reset the pack, just place in a cloth-lined pan with cold water and bring to the boil.

As well as helping with cramps, this heated back brace is ideal for soothing tired muscles and aiding relaxation for chronic back pain relief. The salt solution inside the pack is safe and non-toxic and the gel pack can even be used cold (keep the gel pack in the freezer) to provide relief after sporting injury or muscle strain with inflammation.

7. Back Braces For Children: Neo G Paediatric Fitright Dorsolumbar Support Medical Grade

A physician should be consulted before any child uses a back brace as inappropriate use can cause altered spinal development. Once you’ve spoken to your child’s physician, however, you might want to consider this orthopedic spine support for children with herniated or displaced discs, scoliosis, kyphosis, or mis-shapen or damaged spines.

Suitable for kids up to about 12 years or age, the Neo G back brace is also helpful for when little ones have strained their back muscles in gym class, or for post-operative recovery. Washable (just remove the steel or plastic stays beforehand), comfortable to wear, and adjustable and slimline for everyday use under clothing, the Neo G Paediatric Fitright Dorsolumbar Support is fully breathable and excellent for correcting kids’ posture.

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