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Social Security Coverage for Spinal Stenosis

Social Security Covers Spinal Stenosis? If you experience spinal stenosis and are unable to work, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers monthly disability benefits for people who are no longer able to work due to a serious illness. The good news for you is spinal disorders […]

How Sleep Deprivation Impacts Back Pain

Even though the average adult needs seven to eight hours of sleep, many people struggle to get that many hours in because of pain. Rest can become even more difficult because a lack of sleep influences both pain levels and the effectiveness of pain medications. While pain perception varies from person to person, it can […]

5 Tips for Exercising with Scoliosis

If you are living with scoliosis, exercise is a fantastic way to strengthen your muscles and ease the pain that comes with a curved spine. Not every exercise is great for your scoliosis, and you must be careful about the kind of workout you do. These five tips will help you keep a fit, healthy […]

Pain Management Options for Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a very common ailment for people the world over and the pain can range from uncomfortable to intolerable. No matter what level of pain you experience with spinal stenosis, you will undoubtedly be in search of a way to treat it. Naturally, as it is such a common occurrence, there are a […]

Spinal Stenosis Cervicalgia

Neck pain, also know as cervicalgia resulting from nerve compression may be due to spinal stenosis cervicalgia where the spinal canal has narrowed and is pinching the nerves or nerve roots in the neck.  Cervical spondylosis is a common degenerative condition affecting the section of the spine in the neck and this form of osteoarthritis […]

Bone Spurs and Spinal Stenosis

Back pain, neck pain, and radicular pain may be connected to bone spurs and spinal stenosis as these bony growths (osteophytes) can cause compression of nerves and blood vessels in the spine and alter mobility.  In some cases the bone spurs may grow as part of an effort by the body to actually relieve back […]

Herniated Disc Spinal Stenosis

A common consequence of a herniated disc, spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the spaces in the spinal canal which can cause back pain, sciatica, and other radicular pain throughout the body.  The intervertebral discs which lie between each level of the spine are formed from a soft gelatinous material inside (the nucleus pulposus) and […]

Spinal Stenosis and Fibromyalgia

Neck and back pain can both be symptoms experienced by those with fibromyalgia and this can sometimes mean that the start of pain associated with spinal stenosis is ignored as part of the fibromyalgia syndrome rather than recognized as a problem in itself.  Patients with fibromyalgia have a higher sensitivity to pain all over the […]

Spinal Stenosis and Arthritis

Spinal stenosis arthritis may be due to changes in the spine, either through wear and tear or inflammation and hypertrophy associated with rheumatoid arthritis.  Spondylosis is the term used to describe spinal arthritis and its changes include degeneration of the connective tissues, discs, and bones of the spine which can then cause alterations in posture, […]