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Using Topical Analgesics for Back Pain Relief

back pain relief creamPopping pills can help fight back pain but they aren’t as specific as topical analgesics and can take longer to kick in. They’re also more likely to have adverse effects and to interact with other medications, diseases, foods, alcohol and so on.

Do topical pain relief gels really work though, or are they unable to penetrate deep enough or produce significant effects to help people manage their back pain? Continue reading “Using Topical Analgesics for Back Pain Relief” »


Back Pain After Eating – What Does it Mean?

back pain after eatingThere can be a number of reasons why back pain can strike after eating, including some things that can be fixed quite simply and others that are serious and may require surgery. Determining the cause of postprandial back pain is, therefore, very important in order to get proper treatment that could be lifesaving in some cases. Continue reading “Back Pain After Eating – What Does it Mean?” »


Top Five Worst Sports for Back Pain

worst spine exercises back painWhen you have spinal stenosis and back pain you’re likely to keep being told to stay active and get regular exercise, but what if your favourite type of exercise is downright dangerous for the spine?

Find out what the top five worst sports are if you have back pain and then take a look at our suggestions as to what might be a better way of staying fit and pain-free! Continue reading “Top Five Worst Sports for Back Pain” »

Spinal Stenosis and Dizziness

vertigo dizziness spinal stenosisThere are many possible causes of dizziness, including spinal stenosis, so what else should you be looking for if you suspect a spine problem is at the root of your symptoms? Continue reading “Spinal Stenosis and Dizziness” »