Six Surprising Causes of Back Pain

causes of back pain george seinfeld wallet

Is your wallet causing sciatic nerve pain?

Back pain affects almost everyone at some time or other but working out why it happens can prove difficult. Along with the obvious culprits, such as a sports injury, a heavy backpack, spinal arthritis, or even pregnancy, there are some surprising causes of back pain that you might have overlooked. Continue reading “Six Surprising Causes of Back Pain” »


Low Back Pain – Is it Parkinson’s Disease?

low back pain or parkinsons disease

Sound familiar? Some symptoms overlap between spinal stenosis and Parkinson's disease.

Parkinson’s disease and low back pain might at first seem like quite unlikely conditions to be mistaken for each other. However, there are patients who develop Parkinson’s disease without the familiar tremor, with mechanical back pain diagnosed at first, only to be followed by progressive symptoms of the nuerodegenerative disorder.

Is your low back pain actually caused by spinal stenosis or is something else going on that needs quite different treatment? Continue reading “Low Back Pain – Is it Parkinson’s Disease?” »


Tethered Spinal Cord Causes and Treatments

tethered spinal cord in infant spinal stenosis low back painTethered spinal cord syndrome is a condition closely linked to spina bifida but which can also occur as a result of injury to the spinal cord in childhood or adult life. This neurological disorder is caused by abnormal tissue attachments in the spine that restrict movement of the spinal cord and create problematic tension in the spinal cord. It may be a result of congenital issues or can arise from spinal stenosis or be exacerbated by pregnancy, or as a result of sporting activities. Surgery for a tethered spinal cord may be necessary in some cases, in others a mix of medications and physical therapy may suffice to relieve symptoms. Continue reading “Tethered Spinal Cord Causes and Treatments” »

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Damaged Discs, Low Back Pain, and Antioxidants as Treatment

degenerative disc disease low back pain from nerve growth axons to spinal cord

Disc damage can trigger abnormal nerve growth leading to back pain.

Lower back pain is among the most common reasons for visits to the doctor, with some 60-90% of people suffering from this during their lifetime. One of the major causes of low back pain is the growth of nerves into degenerated spinal discs. Healthy discs are connected to the nervous system in the outer layers of the disc but the more central parts of the discs are free of such sensory nerves. So, what triggers this abnormal nerve growth and what can be done to prevent it and relieve low back pain from degenerative disc disease? Continue reading “Damaged Discs, Low Back Pain, and Antioxidants as Treatment” »

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Safe Yoga Practice with Spinal Stenosis

safe yoga with spinal stenosis and back pain using props

The use of props can make yoga safer for those with spinal stenosis.

Yoga can be a wonderful workout for mind and body but can you do yoga if you have spinal stenosis? Contorting yourself into painful poses is certainly not recommended, but many of the potential benefits of yoga are of particular interest for those looking for back pain relief and help with other possible effects of chronic spinal stenosis such as depression, loss of libido, and even constipation. Continue reading “Safe Yoga Practice with Spinal Stenosis” »