Treating Lumbar Stenosis with a Grocery List?

Grocery shopping for lumbar stenosisIf you have been diagnosed with lumbar stenosis, you are likely no stranger to symptoms like pain, tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness traveling through your lower back, hips, buttocks, legs, or feet. You may even have already begun a regimen of nonsurgical treatments for lumbar stenosis prescribed to you by your doctor. It can be tough to manage your everyday life – work, kids, grandkids, cooking, gardening, exercise – when you’re trying to treat this type of degenerative spine condition but there are a variety of ways that you can integrate treatments into your daily tasks, and a great place to start is at the grocery store. Continue reading “Treating Lumbar Stenosis with a Grocery List?” »

Spine Infections from Contaminated Steroids – It’s not just meningitis.

epidural abscess fungal meningitis outbreak spinal stenosis causes necc laboratory

Fungal infection may spread slowly in the epidural space, leading to spinal nerve and cord compression.

The misery of the fungal meningitis outbreak caused by contaminated steroid injections continues as around a third of those contracting the fungal infection are now developing a second dangerous spine infection. Arachnoiditis and epidural abscesses are being reported in some patients who were initially unaffected by the meningitis outbreak as well as those who were starting to recover from fungal meningitis. Both infections can be crippling and fatal but the initial symptoms can, with horrible irony, mirror the very symptoms of conditions like spinal stenosis that led these patients to seek treatment in the first place. Continue reading “Spine Infections from Contaminated Steroids – It’s not just meningitis.” »

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercise Equipment

back pain relief inversion table Teeter Hangups ep-950

Teeter inversion tables even have add-ons specifically for lumbar stretch support and acupressure points.

Sufferers of lower back pain often find it difficult to exercise as many types of activity add extra stress to the spine, increasing pain. Whilst yoga, swimming, and cycling can all help burn calories they may need some tailoring to ensure safety when exercising with back pain. Luckily, there are specific back pain products designed for use whilst exercising with lumbar spinal stenosis and back pain. Continue reading “Lower Back Pain Relief Exercise Equipment” »

The Cost of Back Pain in the US

cost of back care in the us stack of coins

The costs of back care in the US are stacking up year on year.

At any given time in the US it is estimated that between 12% and 30% of adults have an active back problem from conditions such as spinal stenosis. During their lifetime some 49% to 70% of people will experience back pain and this is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor. The cost of back pain and neck pain from spinal arthritis, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease and other causes of spinal stenosis, pinched nerves and other problems is not just appreciable in terms of money spent on health-care itself but on loss of productivity and social care programs. Continue reading “The Cost of Back Pain in the US” »

Fracture Risks Associated with High Blood Pressure Medications

antihypertensives and fracture risk in spinal stenosis beta blockers

Patients starting treatment for high blood pressure may have double the risk of hip fracture, which could cause spinal stenosis and back pain.

Elderly patients with high blood pressure may be interested to learn that antihypertensive drugs have been associated with an increased risk of falls and hip fractures in a new study. The risk appears to be particularly pronounced with ACE inhibitors, according to the new research presented at the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) 2012 Annual Meeting.

Spinal fractures can be a cause of severe back pain and lead to spinal stenosis, pinched nerves and spinal cord compression so those over sixty-five with high blood pressure may wish to discuss treatment carefully with their physician. Continue reading “Fracture Risks Associated with High Blood Pressure Medications” »