Safe Yoga for Spinal Stenosis

yoga for spinal stenosis

Apply caution when doing yoga with spinal stenosis - not all poses are suitable for everyone!

Safe yoga for spinal stenosis – is there such a thing? Those with pinched nerves from spinal stenosis will know that certain movements and activities can cause acute pain. Many consider yoga to be safe, effective for a variety of condition, and easily accessible for all but those with disc herniation, bulging discs, or bone problems like osteoporosis could find that yoga actually worsens their back pain. Extreme yoga positions could lead to fracture, disc rupture, and acute nerve injury in cases where back problems already exist, making it essential to uncover the cause of the problem prior to self-treating with yoga. Spinal canal narrowing does not necessarily preclude yoga practice but it is wise to find an experienced teacher and discuss ways of carrying out safe yoga for spinal stenosis. Continue reading “Safe Yoga for Spinal Stenosis” »