Spinal Stenosis from Car Accidents

spinal stenosis car accidentSpinal stenosis can result from illness, injury, and general wear and tear but every year people suffering car accidents develop spinal stenosis symptoms without even realizing that the health of their spine was already compromised. Smoking, dehydration, other inflammatory conditions, nutrient deficiencies, and even repetitive microtrauma can all cause the cervical spine to suffer more extensive damage upon acute injury demonstrating the importance of keeping your spine healthy at all times. Slippy black ice due to the current wintery weather can have you spinning out of control in your car leading to an accident, whiplash, and cervical spinal damage causing spinal stenosis and neck pain. Find out more about spinal stenosis and car accidents and what could help reduce your risks. Continue reading “Spinal Stenosis from Car Accidents” »

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Sciatica Treatment – Adalimumab Delays Surgery

adalimumab sciatica treatmentA three-year study on pain relief for sciatica has found that adalimumab may help delay surgical discectomy in those treated, despite there being little difference in leg and back pain between the treated group and those receiving placebo medication. The randomized study, which took place in Geneva, Switzerland, looked at sixty-one patients suffering from severe acute sciatica and followed the progress of fifty-six of those for three years after randomization. Of the fifty-six, 41% had back surgery during that time, although the adalimumab group had a 28% rate of surgery compared to 56% of those receiving the placebo drug. There are concerns however that the trial focused on the wrong outcome and is too small to effectively demonstrate the use of adalimumab for sciatica treatment. Continue reading “Sciatica Treatment – Adalimumab Delays Surgery” »