Acetaminophen Overdose and Chronic Back Pain Medications

acetaminophen toxicity spinal stenosis overdoseThose with spinal stenosis who use acetaminophen to dull the pain will want to take heed of new research showing that liver failure may result from repeated overuse of the analgesic. Known as Paracetamol in the UK and other parts of Europe, and Tylenol, Atasol, Panadol, or Triaminic in North America, acetaminophen overdoses are often simply associated with attempted suicide as a one-off massive overdose that can cause acute liver failure and death. Smaller, staggered overdoses from repeated overuse of the drug were found to increase the risks of liver and brain problems in patients, resulting in the need for kidney dialysis and respiratory assistance. These staggered overdose patients were at a higher risk of death compared to those using the drug in a suicide attempt. Chronic supratherapeutic use of acetaminophen for conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, and back pain from disc herniation and pinched nerves may occur accidentally as patients’ pain increases and they edge up their Tylenol dosage without noticing, presenting a challenge for physicians who may be unaware of the amount of pain medication their patients are taking to manage symptoms of spinal stenosis. Continue reading “Acetaminophen Overdose and Chronic Back Pain Medications” »

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Medical Leeches for Arthritis Pain

medical leech back pain treatmentThe use of leeches in medicine might seem medieval but research into medical leeches for arthritis pain might have some spinal stenosis sufferers scooping up these bloodsucking worms in place of current pain medication. Osteoarthritis pain relief is just the latest in recent treatments involving leeches, which the US Food and Drug Administration have approved as a medical device. Continue reading “Medical Leeches for Arthritis Pain” »


Lower Back Pain Relief from Yoga

yoga back painA new study, published at the beginning of the month in the Annals of Internal Medicine reports that yoga is effective for lower back pain, adding to the evidence already supportive this non-surgical therapy for chronic back conditions. The study, carried out in the UK, looked at a three-month yoga program, with twelve sessions in total, to improve back function and relieve pain. Functional improvements were noted but the therapy did not seem to result in significant changes in pain or overall health although patients were more confident in managing pain and carrying out normal activities compared to the control group receiving standard care. Continue reading “Lower Back Pain Relief from Yoga” »

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Spinal Stenosis and Diet

spinal stenosis diet burger stack

Is your diet stacking up problems like spinal stenosis?

Chronic back pain from spinal stenosis is a major problem in the US and it may seem that there are as many back pain relief tips as there are sufferers. Diets for back pain from spinal stenosis may not be the ‘miracle cure’ we’re all looking for but dietary influences on inflammation, pain, hydration, and general health should not be underestimated, especially in a chronic condition like spinal stenosis.

Three-quarters of us experience back pain at some time or other and many resort to painkillers, NSAIDs, massage, yoga, non-surgical traction, chiropractic treatment, and even back surgery to resolve those aches and pains. In some cases it is clear that such interventions are necessary and desirable, but is it possible that by simply looking in your refrigerator and pantry you might find a key contributor to your swollen joints, painful back, and nerve pains? Continue reading “Spinal Stenosis and Diet” »