Thoracic Spinal Stenosis

Thoracic Spine Anatomy

Thoracic Spine Anatomy

The unique anatomy of the thoracic spine means that stenosis is a fairly rare occurrence in comparison to cervical spinal stenosis or lumbar spinal stenosis.  The thoracic spine is fused to the ribs and sternum, making it much more rigid and subject to less trauma from movement than these other spinal regions.  Around 1% of spinal stenosis cases involve thoracic spinal stenosis.  Continue reading “Thoracic Spinal Stenosis” »

Backache from a Cold and Flu

Backache from the flu

Backache from the flu is common due to dehydration

When you have a cold or the flu you’ll often find that your whole body aches, sometimes it’s even the first symptom, before the congestion, cough, or nausea begin.  Why does this happen? Why does your back ache when you get sick?

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