Acupuncture for Spinal Stenosis

Traditional acupuncturists believe that the body’s energy (chi or qi) can become blocked and that it is this blockage, through stress, injury, or disease,


Acupuncture can help back and neck pain

that is responsible for the observed symptoms of illness and pain.  In order to unblock this energy flow acupuncture aims to stimulate the meridians, or channels, of qi in the body thus restoring proper function and allowing the body to heal. Continue reading “Acupuncture for Spinal Stenosis” »

Sciatica Exercises

Before beginning to discuss possible exercises to relieve sciatic nerve pain it is important to understand what sciatica actually is.  Rather than being a

Sciatic Nerve

The Sciatic Nerve

diagnosis in itself, sciatica is a set of symptoms generally used to indicate problems around the sciatic nerve.  This descriptive term does not, therefore, address the cause of the pain or symptoms and merely indicates the presence of compression or irritation of one or more of those nerves which make up the sciatic nerve as they exit the lower spine. Continue reading “Sciatica Exercises” »

Hip Injuries and Back Pain

Hip Injury and Golfing

Hip Injury and Golfing

Many sports therapists, trainers, and physical therapists are only too aware that problems in the hips can mean problems in the back.  The reason for this is the involvement of the sacroiliac joint which is located right at the bottom of the back between the sacrum (vertebrae S1-S5) and the ilia (hip bones).  Forming the rear part of the pelvic girdle, the sacroiliac joints, along with the pubic symphysis, allow twisting movements on either side of the spine when our legs move.  Without this ability the risk of fracture in the pelvis would be extremely high.  In assessing lower back pain physicians may sometime neglect to explore the possibility of a sacroiliac joint problem, and the area is difficult to assess without having good knowledge of the complex anatomy of the area. Continue reading “Hip Injuries and Back Pain” »